Our Behaviour Policy is based on our Christian values:

Every member of our school family works together to promote these values:


  • Respect each other and show this respect through treating others as we would wish to be treated and listening carefully to each other’s thoughts and opinions even if we do not agree with them. 
  • Show joy in the way we embrace life and learning in all it’s fullness.
  • Show compassion in the way we think of others’ needs and ways in which we can support those who need our help.
  • Show perseverance by building resilience and encouraging ourselves and others to help achieve our goals. 
  • Are welcoming. We celebrate differences and diversity and accept all who join us to become part of our school family.

Our School Rules are:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind
  • Be Ready to Learn


Our behaviour policy focuses on praising the positives. Everyday children start on green (it’s good to be green) When a child is spotted showing one of our school values or following our school rules they are told they can ‘move their name up’. Each time a child moves their name up they get a dojo point and get a chance to be dojo champion of the week for having the most dojos. This means in Monday worship they get a headteacher’s award. 

Green= 1 dojo
Silver= 2 dojos
Gold= 3 dojos 

Junior example of behaviour chart

Infant example of behaviour chart


Please see our promoting positive behaviour policy for more information


Promoting Positive Behaviour Policies

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