11 Oct

Amazing Sculptures (Year 1)

Yesterday we made our sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy! Andy Goldsworthy creates sculptures using natural materials. The Koalas planned their design and chose what natural materials they were going to use. They all worked so hard and created some beautiful sculptures

6 Oct

The Gruffalo! (Year 1)

This week we have become authors, writing our own Gruffalo story! We had to create a new monster and describe it - we’ve learnt all about adjectives

5 Jul

Save Our Seas?

We carefully drew an endangered sea creature and put them in our polluted seas. We wrote a a sentence about the effects people have on the sea and went with our posters on a protest march round the school to let others know our important message

26 May

Pond Dipping in the School Pond (Fledglings)

Pond dipping in the school pond

25 May

Making Rockpools (Fledglings)

Making rockpools - using junk modelling

24 May

Expanding our Vocabulary (Fledglings)

Expanding our vocabulary by investigating the parts of a fish


31 Mar

Planting Potatoes (Fledglings)

As always this term has been a super busy one. We have discovered a tin forest, made dream jars, aliens landed in our very own playground and we explored outer space as well as finding out about Superhero Supertato and real life heroes …. Eastry Fire Brigade. We planted potatoes, flew kites and…

29 Mar

Meeting Real Life Super Heroes! (Fledglings)

Today, we took a super stroll down to Eastry Fire Station. To follow up our learning about Supertato, we went to meet some real life super heroes. We squirted the hoses, sat on the fire engine, tried on the fire fighting clothes and had a look at some of the equipment on the engine. Fledglings,…

3 Feb

Jack and the Beanstalk (Fledglings)

After we planted beans, in the middle of the night a beanstalk grew and a giant moved into his castle at the top - thank goodness he was a friendly giant!

3 Feb

Our Year 5 Buddies (Fledglings)

Our Year R Fledgling class loves having a buddy from our Year 5 Panda class. Buddies help each other express our school values. Recently the taught us Maths games as part of NSPCC numbers day. Great collaboration and compassion.  

30 Jan

Making Porridge for Goldilocks (Fledglings)

We made porridge when Goldilocks came to visit the classroom - we had to teach her some good manners and good to be green behaviour!

16 Jan

Making Gingerbread Men (Fledglings)

This term we baked gingerbread men ... that escaped to the Forest School area - maybe they didn't want to be eaten!