At Eastry, French is the modern foreign language taught to all our KS2 pupils as part of the school curriculum. We believe that the study of languages enables pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly carried out in languages other than English. We believe that increased capability in the use of languages promotes initiative and independent learning and encourages diversity within society. 

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. - Frank Smith



Through their language lessons, pupils will be taught to communicate information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination. The language skills that pupils acquire at Eastry, will provide a firm basis for further study of French at secondary level and will also assist them in the learning of new languages. 


MFL will be delivered using a variety of teaching methods including delivery to the whole class, groups, and individuals and will take account of the different learning styles of the pupils. Lessons will follow the structure of the BBC Active Primary French is Fun course. Other resources, including online resources may be used to enhance teaching and learning. Eastry is proud to have a well-established link with a school in Lille and pupils in Years 3& 4 meet up with the pupils in their French link classes on an annual basis.
Our at Eastry CE Primary School aims of teaching MFL are for children to: 
• foster an interest in learning another language;
 • become aware that language has a structure, and that this structure differs from one language to another; 
• understand the grammar of another language and how it compares to our own 
• write at varying lengths 
• appreciate and enjoy texts in another language 
• develop speaking and listening skills and speak with increasing confidence 
• gain enjoyment, pride and a sense of achievement; 
• explore and apply strategies to improve their learning; 
• explore their own cultural identities and those of others.


Our ultimate aim at Eastry, is to enthuse children with a love of languages, to uncover hidden linguists and prepare them for secondary school and beyond where their knowledge and skills can be used in the future. Children will feel confident and eager to learn a new language and about different cultures. 

Modern Foreign Languages Knowledge Organisers - Facts and key knowledge taught in each year group (KS2)

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