2 May

Learning About Electricity (Year 4)

Children have been busy exploring their new topic of electricity. The children were given the task of making a bulb light up. They had to work scientifically to choose the appropriate equipment, work out what variables to change and investigate why some circuits worked and others didn't.

21 Apr

Collaboration Exercise in Pairs (Year 4)

Attached are a couple of photos of children completing a collaboration exercise in pairs. Both children had to have hold of the crayon at all times, but were not allowed to talk to each other. The children then had to draw a picture but neither knew what they were drawing as they couldn't…

20 Mar

Learning About Sounds (Year 4)

During Science, we looked at a range of different instruments to consider: what was the source of the sound, how could we change the pitch and volume, how did our ears process the noise and what would happen if we played it in a different way.

28 Feb

Pancakes Races

Pictures from our pancake races this term which we did alongside year 5.

15 Dec

PE Dance Lesson 'Run, Run Rudolph' (Year 4)

These are pictures from our latest PE lesson where children were learning a new dance routine for 'Run Run Rudolph'. They learnt a new routine from scratch and the finished routine included cartwheels and a variety of catwallk poses!

13 Dec

Making Dioramas (Year 4)

Pictures from our art and DT project creating a diorama of one of the polar regions. Children started with a shoe box and selected from a wide range of materials to select the most suitable to replicate the freezing environments. This was the result of all of the children's work this term learning…

5 Dec

Creating Playscripts in English (Year 4)

Children spent three weeks this term in English learning about and composing their own playscripts focusing on the news of Ernest Shackleton's return from his ill fated mission to Antartica. Children took on roles as newscasters and set up a range of interviews with people to gather as much…

21 Oct

How Ancient Egyptians Traded (Year 4)

Year 4 have been considering how and what the ancient Egyptians traded. We considered what goods the Egyptians had in abundance which they could then export to neighbouring counties and continents. We then looked at what the Egyptians could import using the Nile as their main trading route such as…

19 Oct

Food Chains (Year 4)

Pupils have been putting their learning about food chains to create their own food chains and webs. Children considered what to put as their producers before carefully considering the consumers including herbivores, carnivores and omnivores that would create their food chain and show the transfer…

17 Oct

Making Egyptian Objects in Forest School (Year 4)

In Forest School we continued learning about Egypt by building some of our own Egyptian objects.

11 Oct

River Features (Year 4)

As part of our topic looking at rivers, year 4 have been identifying features of a river and the three main parts which make up the whole. We started with the source - a spring in the mountains, before more tributaries and other river sources come together to create an expansive river which joins…

19 May

Stone Age Workshop at Kent Life (Year 3)

We had an amazing day taking part in a Stone Age Workshop at Kent Life today and would like to share some photo's of the day with you.