31 Mar

Making Maya Masks (Year 6)

Year 6 designed and recreated their own ancient Maya masks, using designs and ideas from the ancient Maya civilisation. The Maya used masks for special celebrations, war and death!

10 Feb

Our Healthy Survival Meal (Year 6)

Year 6 designed and created a healthy survival meal of vegetable soup/vegetable and lentil soup, to demonstrate how we can include many of the nutrients our bodies  need in a very simple meal. Year 6 washed and prepared the vegetables and enjoyed - the final outcome- a tasty, hot soup!

30 Jan

Plotting Key Human Features for Geography (Year 6)

We went on a walk around Eastry village, as part of our geography learning- on our return to school, we had to plot key human features of Eastry on a blank map.

16 Nov

Presentation regarding Deforestation

Children were presenting reasons against deforestation of the Amazon rainforest

14 Nov

Building Bridges (Year 6)

The children were designing and making bridges

17 Oct

Learning How to Safely Light a Fire (Year 6)

Today in Forest school we continued to learn how to safely light a fire.

11 Oct

Restart a Heart (Year 6)

What a brilliant afternoon. Owl class practised what to do if they found someone unresponsive, how to check for breathing and how to put them into the recovery position. Later they carried out CPR and learned how to use a defibrillator. I was extremely proud of everyone and how well they…

20 Jul

Learning about Mining (Year 5)

For our term 6 topic 'Mining' we visited Kent Mining Museum. 
The children gained lots of new knowledge about our local history and geography. They enjoyed holding archived items, exploring the museum, as well as hearing from a real miner

5 Jun

WW2 Gonks (Year 5)

DT - sewing
In year 5, the children have made WW2 Gonks, as their DT project. They have has to show lots of perseverance and collaboration to learn to sew. They look amazing! 

4 May

WW2 Day (Year 5)

WW2 Evacuee Day - Led by Mr O'Sullivan

Our WW2 day has been a fantastic success. The children were brave evacuees, disciplined soldiers and most of all respectful and welcoming to our WW2 specialist. The children fully immersed themselves in today’s experience and enjoyed the practical…

27 Apr

Science Stem Investigation (Year 5)

The children have taken part in a 3-day (STEM) science investigation. We were joined by a real scientist, from discovery park, who helped us understand more about industry and inspire us to conduct the investigation on how to make a cough syrup. The first investigation was to find the best active…

11 Mar

Learning about Ancient Greeks (Year 5)

This term we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks