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Foundation Stage

Topics that the children learn about during the year are decided by the children and the teaching staff . The topics promote democracy, individual liberty and tolerance

In many cases topics are not taught in isolation or as discrete topics but are linked together using cross curricular links identified by the class teacher.

Prime Areas

Communication and language

Listening (Democracy) and attention (The Rule of Law)
Understanding (Tolerance)
Speaking (Individual Liberty)

Physical Development

Moving (Democracy) and handling (The Rule of Law)
Health and self-care (Individual Liberty)

Personal, social and emotional development

Self confidence (Individual Liberty) and self awareness (Tolerance)
Managing feelings (Democracy) and behaviour (The Rule of Law)
Making relationships (Individual Liberty)

Specific Areas


Reading, writing (Tolerance)
Reading, writing (Individual Liberty)


Numbers, shape, space and measures

Understanding the world

People and communities, the world, technology (Tolerance)

Expressive arts and design

Exploring and using media and materials, being imaginative (Individual Liberty)

British Values

The Rule of Law
Individual Liberty

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